In the PoloDent range of products you will mainly find high-quality non-disposable products. A first selection of the products that we selected and tested can be found on this website. At the moment we are working on new developments and test procedures and the PoloDent assortment will be extended substantially in the near future.

Because of far-reaching standardization and colour coding of the packaging we simplify the overview of the stock in your practice. Each product group has it's own colour code and each packaging has been completed with a barcode and a clear image of the product. All details are also clearly visible when the packages are piled up in your storage. If significant you will also find information concerning the use and the usability of the product on the outside of the packaging (e.g. the PoloDent mixing tips). By using a barcode-scanner you can order and control your stock in a simplified manner.

All PoloDent products are high-quality products that are sold directly, without any interference of agents, importers or similar. Thanks to this the PoloDent products are priced highly competetive. When using both Yellow Point and PoloDent products you can save considerably on the costs of your dental products. We gladly invite you to get aquainted with the PoloDent and Yellow Point range of products by means of this website and since we are receptive to improvements we always appreciate your suggestions and remarks concerning the products and/or range of products.